Halloween: Headcrab Costume

I was making the zombie shirt, which I tried to get a lot of the blood spots in similar positions of the actual headcrab zombie. Since technically you can't see the face of the zombies I wasn't quite sure how bloody or bruised up my face needed to be. So well, I just pretty much smothered myself with red paint, blue paint, black paint, then the fake blood, which I completely forgot it will stain skin... so this morning my face is tanned orange-ish. Personally, I think this is pretty brilliant. This whole outfit technically costed 44 USD 47 USD. 30 for the hat, 10 for the shirt, 4 for the pint of blood. Oh. make that 47 USD. 3 dollar for the make up kit.  Only 2 people at the party understood the brilliance of my costume, such a shame.