Taiwan: 明池 + 漁人碼頭

艾草粄 a Hakka style dumpling? It tastes sweet and chewy on the outside and usually it has salty mushroom, meat on the inside. Spicy sour chicken. --- 明池 Seven dwarves from Snow White. Black swan. Fish swims on the wooden deck. 馬告生態公園 where they have at least 50 trees that are 1000+ years old. Each tree is named after a person of that time it started growing. Tree named 顏真卿, I took a picture of it because I've practiced his Chinese calligraphy. Plant that looks like a snake. They call this the 'Man Tree' because it looks like an erect penis. Foooood. 漁人碼頭's Fullon Hotel. It's beautiful at night. The hotel is suppose to look like a ship.

Taiwan: market/yunnan food

Went to a nice-ish, clean-ish food market, technically street market people gathered in a warehouse to sell their goods and have to maintain regulated cleanliness. I started taking pictures with my dslr, maybe it was just too huge and this guy who works there noticed it and asked me where I'm from and why I'm taking pictures. I was puzzled, I asked him "you can't take pictures here?" He said no. I'm like wtf, then I mumbled then swore and packed my dslr back in my backpack. These are my sneaky (hiding) camera shots, lul. After that we went to an actual street market. I think it's a culturally significant thing about Taiwan and Asian places in general. So much energy in the market and you can just smell the mixed odors of fish and meat (not a pleasant smell to be honest) but it is part of the experience. They sell all sorts of crazy stuff in street markets; from assorted meats, variety of vegetables to purses and hair accessories. Of course they are all offered at a relatively cheap-ish price, although they used to be cheaper and better... but the economy is shit. When I asked to take her picture, she was like no no no but then she let me, lul. She was all smiling awkward and shy, I just told her to act natural and get me a bag of those delicious chicken egg cakes. (originally just small cakes shaped like eggs hence the name but now they have different shapes and sizes) --- Super green rice fields, on the way to the Yunnan food restaurant that we just loveeeeeee. Yunnan cuisine are very spicy and sour and just general deliciousness. Kimchi. Spicey pork slices. Plum juice. Shrimp fried rice. Deliciousness = 5 stars. Thousand year old egg with lime juice. Kind of like pho kind of thing, add shit in hot soup. 月亮蝦餅, shrimp pancake? 糯米巴巴 (Glutinous rice (fried) + powdered sugar) 雲南館 桃園縣平鎮市平東路39號 (03)460-8287 --- Claude Monet's exhibit is in Taipei Fine Arts Museum. A lot of Monet's water lilies paintings are up there and I finally went to see it today. I was in awe and also a little disappointed in the amount of pieces that were there, but still, I was inspired by everything, especially his use of colors and water reflections.

Taiwan: Day 2/3!

It's 四果冰; got green beans, red beans, red and white chewy stuff with shaved ice on top. 糖葫蘆; fruits with sugar glaze on the outside, the traditional ones have Chinese hawthorn (my favorite) inside but now there are a variety of them such as tomatos (pic), plums, or strawberries. Sliced up durian. Uncle eating durian and loving it. Dog eating durian and loving it. She's so cute. Lychee. It's almost lychee season, these lychee are early so they are very sour. 麵線 egg noodles? 中華涼麵 cold noodles, they sell them at 7-eleven and they are so delicious. Cold yellow noodles mix with cucumber and carrots and special sauces, usually with peanuts and soy sauce type thing. Japanese soba 蕎麥麵; I eat these almost every morning because they are just delicious. They cost 39TWD roughly 1.32USD and they are so much better than the 10USD shit you get at Japanese restaurants in the states. You dip the noodles in the sauce and eat its deliciousness. Aunt decided to make dumplings today, so we had to make the stuff that goes on the inside of the dumplings. A mix of lettuce, sesame oil, leeks, ground pork and lots of love and patience. Finished mixing everything (left) and on the right is the dumpling skins. I made a bunch but I didn't make these good ones, mine look hideous. I should've taken a picture! With soy sauce and garlic. Yummyness. You get to see the deliciousness that is inside. Since it took so long to make the whole thing, I appreciated it so much more when I ate it. Lotus root soup.

Taiwan: Day 1!

First day back in Taiwan, it's been awesome so far. Still jet-lagging, woke up at 5am with my tummy growling at me. Good thing we're staying with my aunt, who sells exported fruits. I've been wanting to take pictures of their fruits for a while because fruits in Taiwan are beautiful. Apples are super red, sweet and cripsy. They have lots of different ones from different places. California cherries. Washington cherries are the best ones; big and juicy. Durians are fucking awesome. They smell delicious and they are delicious but a lot of people can't stand them. Breakfast! Sesame shell thing with eggs inside + soy milk. The street, some of the boxes of the fruits and my uncle. Turnip cake. Soup stuff with pork meat. Uncle always buys watermelon for me when I go back for the summer. Watermelons are hugeeeee in Taiwan. Mmmmm.... beautiful. Shit ton of watermelon.