Chrome Theme: Chopper

First time creating a Chrome theme, went a little bit crazily pink with the color, I figured you can't think about Chopper without his pink hat, therefore, pink but the image is of him two years later so I made a blue one as well. The image is from One Piece's 15th opening with some slight colors modifications from me. The theme is free for download in the links below. I made the theme for myself so the best resolution for the theme is 1366x768 or lower. I'll look into making larger ones in the future. Download pink version here or from ThemeBeta. Download blue version here or from ThemeBeta.

Taiwan: One Piece Exhibit

People picking tea leaves. 7-Eleven's mascot: OPEN now at 小人國 One Piece! Everyone's flags. 九族文化村 3D 30 minute film. I kept thinking the seats would move, but no, it's just 3d. Lots of flags. Going Merry! Wanted Posters. Behind the anime. QQ ACE Mini Merry II. The leg on the barrel scene. NAKAMA! Mr. 2. "WHERE IS ACE?" Ace jail scene. Thousand Sunny~ NAKAMA~ Super cute~ One Piece X Dragon Ball Z. Chopper and Gohan. Father and son. Cute~ I want all of these, even if they're the "good" guys. Chopperman store! Everything in there is expensive and they ran out of Chopper hat... They have aerial life in the amusement park that can connect to Sun Moon Lake. Every one on Luffy's ship has a face on it. Super high and steep.