Character books’ contents, prints, and mini-book keychain

It took me a while to realize I never posted images of what the inside of my character books'... they're one of the most important part of it, haha. The books deal with the ideal of missing home and reminiscence of its memories. The images in the books are fuzzy and difficult to tell, especially after being laser cut out of its lithographic prints. The character 望 close up. Here are some images of the pages: -- Here's the character 明 and 月, it's a more delicate book to open so it requires handling. -- After the show, I'm trying different ways to display the books. I really love the way they look in the glass case. The reflections of the books are beautiful and to be able to see through to the shelf under it. I don't really like casing away my books though, they are books and they deserved to be handled (super carefully) and read. -- Here's a print of what one of the pages would have looked like if it wasn't a laser cut out. -- There was a print biennial recently and I decided to redo one of the print for the pages and submit it. I tried an emboss method with the litho sand mix with PVA onto an aluminum plate. It turned out well-ish, after editioning about 7 prints, the sand+PVA mixture starts to peel off. It might've been better if I used a metal binding glue but I guess an edition of 7 is good enough... Here's the print. Close up to see the emboss but it's kind of difficult to see. Here's the back of the print where you can actually see the embossing easier. -- I started making more mini books and trying to perfect them enough to put on key chains to sell since I'm pretty poor.

One Book A Week: Mini book!

For this week, I made a mini book using left over stuff from previous projects; velvet as the cover and book block from various scraps. I might make them into key chains or necklaces later after I get some supplies. Although I do have all the supplies back at home... hates spending money on things I already have. Mmmmm velvet. So soft... Complete with tiny headbands. End sheets made from scrap advertising paper.