Guild Hall OPEN Exhibition!

Here are some photos from our OPEN exhibition in the Preston Guild Hall, put up by the MA students at UCLAN. Panorama image of the exhibition. Click on the image for a larger view.

My work in the show. 3 layers of lithographic prints. Since a lot of my work deals with the past and memories and cultural identity, this work is similar in that concept. It deals with having the courage to look into my past through limit constraints. First layer is laser cut with white ink on white paper. Second layer is just black ink. Third layer is black ink on interleaf paper. Close ups. You see the white on white. ------------ Some of the other works in the show. Steph Fletcher. Sam Cookson. Tao Lashley-Burnley. Chris Clark. Front: Charlotte Calland. Left: Pete Daviz. Back wall: Brian Mountford. Pete Daviz. Rachel Pursglove. Mat Birchall. Check out our amazing OPEN sign that was still lit even after it was unplugged. Private view. For more pictures of our private view. Go to our Tumblr for more images and updates on future events at the Guild Hall space.


Just updating a bit, there's a bit of a pause on bookmaking since I'm rushing to get things done. The MA students rented out a space in the Preston Guild Hall to put up a week long show. Private view next Thursday. I'm installing my piece next week, hopefully all will be well. I'll post a blog with pictures next week. ------------------------ Also I went to Ratchford this week, it was just amazing. It's a book art supply place and they have just everything you can think of; leather, book clothes, threads, tools, etc. etc. I've ordered from them before but it was online so you don't get to feel the material and see the actual colors. Seeing them in person is so much better and you get great customer service at Ratchford! Adorable. Ratchford info: Kennedy Way, Green Lane, Stockport, Cheshire. SK4 2JX ------------- Just having fun in the studio. Leaving my mark on the flapper. Latest stone. The darkest part is a mix of asphaltum, noir a monter, and white spirit which will print out smooth and flat. Will etch it next week hopefully...