Taiwan: Day 2/3!

It's 四果冰; got green beans, red beans, red and white chewy stuff with shaved ice on top. 糖葫蘆; fruits with sugar glaze on the outside, the traditional ones have Chinese hawthorn (my favorite) inside but now there are a variety of them such as tomatos (pic), plums, or strawberries. Sliced up durian. Uncle eating durian and loving it. Dog eating durian and loving it. She's so cute. Lychee. It's almost lychee season, these lychee are early so they are very sour. 麵線 egg noodles? 中華涼麵 cold noodles, they sell them at 7-eleven and they are so delicious. Cold yellow noodles mix with cucumber and carrots and special sauces, usually with peanuts and soy sauce type thing. Japanese soba 蕎麥麵; I eat these almost every morning because they are just delicious. They cost 39TWD roughly 1.32USD and they are so much better than the 10USD shit you get at Japanese restaurants in the states. You dip the noodles in the sauce and eat its deliciousness. Aunt decided to make dumplings today, so we had to make the stuff that goes on the inside of the dumplings. A mix of lettuce, sesame oil, leeks, ground pork and lots of love and patience. Finished mixing everything (left) and on the right is the dumpling skins. I made a bunch but I didn't make these good ones, mine look hideous. I should've taken a picture! With soy sauce and garlic. Yummyness. You get to see the deliciousness that is inside. Since it took so long to make the whole thing, I appreciated it so much more when I ate it. Lotus root soup.

Taiwan: Day 1!

First day back in Taiwan, it's been awesome so far. Still jet-lagging, woke up at 5am with my tummy growling at me. Good thing we're staying with my aunt, who sells exported fruits. I've been wanting to take pictures of their fruits for a while because fruits in Taiwan are beautiful. Apples are super red, sweet and cripsy. They have lots of different ones from different places. California cherries. Washington cherries are the best ones; big and juicy. Durians are fucking awesome. They smell delicious and they are delicious but a lot of people can't stand them. Breakfast! Sesame shell thing with eggs inside + soy milk. The street, some of the boxes of the fruits and my uncle. Turnip cake. Soup stuff with pork meat. Uncle always buys watermelon for me when I go back for the summer. Watermelons are hugeeeee in Taiwan. Mmmmm.... beautiful. Shit ton of watermelon.

I Went Glamour Shots

Woke up early today to take some pretty pictures. My styling lady put a crapload of make up on me and even two layers of fake eyelashes. I like my styling lady, she made me look amazingly stunning. LOL. But of course, everyone looks good after crapload of makeup. >.> But she made my hair really cute hair too, it wasn't until after the shoot that I found out she's the most experienced lady there. The whole shoot took from 8AM till 3PM in the afternoon, with maybe 30 minutes for lunch break. The make up and hair took up most of the time, the photoshoot itself for each set doesn't take more than 30 minutes.  I wore 4 dresses, 1 kimono, and my own clothes.  The dresses that I picked out from last time, after today, I realized how fat they made me look.  I know, I know, you guys hate it when I say that but like, it just looks chubbier. *sadface* And the kimono is hideous, only my own clothes is quite adorable. ASIAN POSE. Everytime Taiwanese take pictures they make their hand like that, I have no idea why.  My own set of clothessss, nananana, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I R ADORABLE. <3  I took some shots with a HUGE inflatable football (soccerball) in this outfit, and I think the pictures will turn out cute, I cannot wait. :D Then we went to eat dinner, at a Japanese steakhouse ish restaurant. FOOD PLEASE. AND LOOK. I GOT A HALO ON ME HEAD. *angels* Toothpick on top of my lashes. lulz. Seafood fruit salad. Yumz. Foooooooood. FOOD IS HEREEE. *HALOS* I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE FINISHED PICTURES. <3 //edit: the pictures are now here

Pics. Some Old Street. Night market.

Went to some hotass place today. There's like an old street type, which is what Taiwan's streets used to look like or whatnot. Now they just sell really traditional toys, candy, food, etc. It's a good place to bring foreigners too, to understand Taiwan's ol' tradition. Going to nightmarket to buy food, didn't go in though. Night market is like a place where there's a bunch of fun and games, food, and where people sell cheapish things. When I go into nightmarket next time I'll take more pics.