Secrets 1/12

New book, called Secrets 1/12, it's an accordion book with illegible calligraphy cut out with black silk thread paper. It contains my deep inner secrets/turmoils from childhood, it's almost as if I'm revealing myself yet unwilling to since most of the secrets are not readable. Details. Some more from the side.

Work in Progress: Cut Paper Dragon

year of the dragon will soon be over Not sure what I want to do with this but it's been sitting there for a while and staring at me on the wall. I do quite like the shadow being cast from the cut paper to the etching underneath. -- -- -- Random snapshots: Bought some RGM lino tools and $0.99 customized Portal 2 bag.
Also English ales are delicious. I can put up with all the rain in the country for couple casks of their ales.