One Book A Week: Codex with Sewn Headbands, Square Flexagon. Business Cards.

This one book a week post is going to have two books since the codex was supposed to be last week's. I did start it last week but I didn't finish it until this week. Too much drying and pressing and I got other work to do. Anyways. Here's the codex: I've done codex before but it was a while ago so I wanted to refresh my memory and actually try sewing the headband myself. Here's a great tutorial with step by step on how to sew headbands. Pre-sewn headbands with tape, which I shouldn't have taped until later but plahhh, so please don't follow these instructions. I don't know why I'm posting my steps now... but here they are. How not to bind a book: Sewn headbands. Pressing, gluing. Sorry for cell phone pictures. Gluing mull. Forgot to take casing photos and attaching end sheets... I'm terrible at documenting, my apologies. The finished book. I went with velvet again... I'm totally in love with this fabric, I can't bring myself to use other book cloths now. Book is roughly 12 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The one book for this week: square flexagon! I used an old scrap print to make the flexagon, this book wasn't really planned but it kind of works as a fun flexagon, also because it was a litho print (takes ages to dry) so the fun part is your hands turns black after you play with it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business cards! I made some business cards for the Leeds and Bristol book fairs. I wanted to print my own, since I'm a printmaker... but that proves to be time consuming. I only ended up with 58 cards until I gave up but that should be enough for the two fairs. Litho printed with embossing, embossing is always hard to photograph. Each card has an unique back design since they were all printed on prints. I numbered each of them, it'll almost be like an unique collectible (almost but not really). Close up. One front and back. Also made a simple business card holder... with velvet again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sneak peek of what I will be slaving over the next few weeks... (besides my coursework) I got 160 pages of these babies to cut through and bind into 10 editions of the Berlin zines! The plan is to finish them in time for the Bristol book fair.