“Secret” Belgian Stitch sketchbook + Jacob’s Ladder. One Book A Week!

In order to get myself to do more books and play with different book formats, I have decided to make a different book each week. Since I just started this, I made two books this week; one was quick and experimental (although they're all experimental anyway) and the other is just because I need a small-ish sketch/notebook. The Belgian stitch has supposedly been kept secret for hundreds of years and it wasn't until Hedi Kyle figured out the binding, so it's not really secret anymore. At first I started with this leopard-y paper because the texture is nice but I remembered that I bought a sheet of velvet so I made two more covers with the velvet. SO SOFT. Punching sewing stations... Originally, I was going to do a step by step guide but I forgot to take pictures so... just google it instead. Sewing the first signature. I did double bind it so it looks differently from if you were to follow a guide. The finished book. Soft velvet... Ummmm...
The other book I did is made with train tickets since they ask to see your tickets all the time, I made a Jacob's ladder with the tickets so if they want to see it, you just take it out and start flipping it until they're satisfied. I didn't have any ribbons around, so I made some with paper and they turned out to be a bit too heavy/thick so it doesn't flip right. You Want to See My Ticket?
I'm also in the middle of organizing my first zine! I've never done zines before or even zine format but it was suggested to me that I try something quick and unplanned... but I like organizing my books so it's difficult for me. I'll update as soon as I start editioning the zines!