Pointless Flipbook!

There's this artists books calling for entries exhibition by We Love Your Books and their theme this year is POINT. I decided to make a pointless book about Pointless, the tv show. It's a game show that I absolutely loved when I first moved to England. Here's a snippet from wikipedia:
Contestants must give answers to questions which previously have been asked to one hundred members of the public with the following criteria:
  • each surveyed person is given 100 seconds to give as many answers as possible, rather than just one answer
  • only correct answers are considered
  • the contestants' aim is to find the answers thought of by the fewest surveyed people, rather than the most

  • I made the book really simple since it's a flipbook. The animation of the flipbook is the Pointless bar counting down to zero, which either means an increase in prize money during the show or if you're in the finals, you win the game + the money. The binding fabric is this beautiful Japanese silk book cloth, it's shiny purple and blue at the same time, reminds me of the Pointless show's color scheme. Front cover. Title of the book, "this book is..." Back cover. Content. Click here for a view of the book in motion. So I can save on bandwidth. The gif is kind of large and choppy... it's hard to record with no tripod. Edition of 10. Currently editioning. I got an email today saying that I have been selected for the exhibition so yay! So did my friend Kathryn Poole, she does these amazing pointilism drawings of insects and preserved body parts. Here's the link for the selected entries, there are some amazing books in this! Click for Point entries!

    Artist’s residency at Merz Barn

    I went on a 10 day artist's residency to Kurt Schwitters's Merz Barn in Elterwater, Cumbria with people from my MA course. It was interesting. We chopped our own firewood, so that was new to me. Merz barn. One of the cottage there. The resident rooster with a rabbit. Beautiful Elterwater. ----- Works done in Merz barn: We did a group installation in the cake room of Merz Barn. There were a lot of dry wood and logs, so we sawed a bunch of them and baked cupcakes and put them on top. When there were visitors, we made tea and coffee for them while they toured around the barn. -- There's a stream that flows through the land in Merz Barn and me and a couple other girls made a bunch of paper boats to flow them down the stream. We filmed the boats and took lots of photographs, here's a selected few. Haven't processed all of them yet. Little boat traveling... Into the boats graveyard. -- Brought portable printmaking supplies, did lino while I was there. It's just easier. Since there were a lot of moss there, I made moss paper out of moss and newspaper pulp! That's why they are so grey and as for why they are round... I had to use a strainer like so: Close up. I wanted to make use of local resources, so I got some rocks and made a merz book out of it. Again, using local resources, this book is made out of the handmade moss paper with some lino prints. Turkish map fold merz book. Back. Opening. Completely open. Side view. Close up side view. How it's made: Printed then folded. Printed the back as well. Glue drying. Another thing I did is making moss paint with moss and buttermilk to make a graffiti like form play. Technically, you're suppose to maintain it for couple of weeks to make sure the moss grabbed on and will continue to live on the wall but we didn't have enough time, I hope it's still there. The wall with the moss growing paintbrush on the right. Close up. More close up.