Taiwan – food, sports bar, more food

These pictures aren't very quality looking because they're taken with my old Canon IXY. Ginger duck pot? 薑母家 三坑鐵馬 bicycle riding place, lots of bicycle rental places around here. Old street. Temple furnace thing. --- Went to Tavern Premier to watch the UEFA Champions League Final. I have never been to a Taiwanese sports bar, or Taiwanese bar, so I was super excited, especially in a bar where most of the people are Manchester United fans. We took the 11pm train to Taipei station, then transfer to MRT then walk to the bar. We have 16 people in our party, so we end up being seated in the back and having our own corner area, surrounded by 42" tvs. Out looking towards the bar area, where everyone has their own little mini screen, which is super cool. Fried mozzarella, I can't believe it looked like egg rolls... English pizza... I don't understand. Does English people like egg on their pizza? We actually found a group of people on ptt and met up with them 'cause they have reservations for 15 people and need more people to fill the empty space. They hung up the ManU flag. View of the bar, main area. Shame we were in our little corner, didn't really get to feel the whole bar hype during the game, though there were some barcelona cunts out there. Huge projector screen out in the main area. The game was overall disappointing but it was still an amazing bar experience for me, despite the outcome... The train ride home was depressing... We didn't get home until 6am, we were all tired and depressed, lul. --- We have a lot of 簡餐 places, kind of like food + coffee/tea + desserts? Like everything included type of meal. We went to in墅館, it's Italian? I don't even. A lot of the Taiwanese restaurants have their own twists on the cuisines but they taste so fucking delicious. I ordered B meal, which includes bread, appetizer, soup, salad, main course, beverage, and dessert. All that for 340 TWD, I think. Around 300 something. Roughly 12USD, that's a super good deal. Nice looking menu and cup. All the dishes and silverwares are from Ikea, lul. Appetizer - Cheese broccoli. (Friend's) Appetizer - Cheese oysters. (Mine) Appetizer - Salmon (Friend's) Yummy bread with garlic butter. (Everybody) French onion soup. It looks kind of oily in the picture. (Friend's) Pumpkin soup. (Friend's) Clam chowder. It tastes kind of like... cream corn, not very chowder-like. I still like our thick ass American fat ones better. (Mine) Seafood rice. They're not stingy on their seafood either, a good portion as well. (Friend's) Caesar salad... It doesn't look like any caesar salad I've had but it tastes interesting... especially with all the vegetable bits and fruits. (Mine) Something salad (I don't remember the name), with sour sauce. (Friend's) AU GRATIN SEAFOOD RICE. I'VE BEEN MISSING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS SHIT AND FINALLY, IT IS MINE. AND IT TASTES ORGASMIC. You can't find this shit in Houston, it's pretty much rice with cheese on top and put it in the oven to bake. Cheesy, melty, delicious. Look at that gooey deliciousness. They're not stingy on the seafood in this one either. Lots of clam, shrimps, scallop and mussels. Friend's au gratin seafood rice with green sauce, which is basically basil sauce. Creme brulee, yummy. The spoon is a Snoopy spoon, so cute. in墅館 桃園縣中壢市中央西路二段245號 TEL: (03) 281-1944

Taiwan: market/yunnan food

Went to a nice-ish, clean-ish food market, technically street market people gathered in a warehouse to sell their goods and have to maintain regulated cleanliness. I started taking pictures with my dslr, maybe it was just too huge and this guy who works there noticed it and asked me where I'm from and why I'm taking pictures. I was puzzled, I asked him "you can't take pictures here?" He said no. I'm like wtf, then I mumbled then swore and packed my dslr back in my backpack. These are my sneaky (hiding) camera shots, lul. After that we went to an actual street market. I think it's a culturally significant thing about Taiwan and Asian places in general. So much energy in the market and you can just smell the mixed odors of fish and meat (not a pleasant smell to be honest) but it is part of the experience. They sell all sorts of crazy stuff in street markets; from assorted meats, variety of vegetables to purses and hair accessories. Of course they are all offered at a relatively cheap-ish price, although they used to be cheaper and better... but the economy is shit. When I asked to take her picture, she was like no no no but then she let me, lul. She was all smiling awkward and shy, I just told her to act natural and get me a bag of those delicious chicken egg cakes. (originally just small cakes shaped like eggs hence the name but now they have different shapes and sizes) --- Super green rice fields, on the way to the Yunnan food restaurant that we just loveeeeeee. Yunnan cuisine are very spicy and sour and just general deliciousness. Kimchi. Spicey pork slices. Plum juice. Shrimp fried rice. Deliciousness = 5 stars. Thousand year old egg with lime juice. Kind of like pho kind of thing, add shit in hot soup. 月亮蝦餅, shrimp pancake? 糯米巴巴 (Glutinous rice (fried) + powdered sugar) 雲南館 桃園縣平鎮市平東路39號 (03)460-8287 --- Claude Monet's exhibit is in Taipei Fine Arts Museum. A lot of Monet's water lilies paintings are up there and I finally went to see it today. I was in awe and also a little disappointed in the amount of pieces that were there, but still, I was inspired by everything, especially his use of colors and water reflections.

Taiwan: Day ?? – more food

Went to my mum's friend's restaurant, it's in a country-ish area where people can rent bicycles and paddle their way through beautiful sceneries and mountain sides. My mum's friend is such a great cook, she makes wonderful traditional Hakka 湯圓 (dumpling) and everything there is fantastic. They also rent bikes there for visitors/tourists to get around and go through the nature trails. My mum usually likes to visit them almost every week to go on the nature trails and eat a shit ton of dumplings but this time we went, it was raining. We just end up eating a lot of food (see below.) Lots of different bikes. My favorite is the small fold-able bikes because they're easy to ride and not very paddle heavy. Some flower that smells really good and I don't remember the name... (will edit with name later) /edit: name: yulan magnolia 玉蘭花 Bamboos Hakka dumplings. SO. DELICIOUS. It's huge and it's got small shrimps/veges/meat inside. The outer layer is so soft and chewy. Ginger with pig's intestines. (Traditional Hakka dish) I don't really like to eat pig's intestines because of the chewyness and its texture but everyone in my family loves that shit (lul or where it used to be) By far my favorite. 椒麻雞 pepper chicken? It's fried and it's got pepper on it, kind of sour with vinegar. If you're in Taiwan and is interested in going there whether for the food or for the nature trail, here are their contact information. Name: 采莊庭園 營業電話:(03)411-2466 營業地址:桃園縣龍潭鄉三坑村永福路136-1號(三坑街口)  營業時間:8:00 ~ 20:00 ///// My uncle went fishing in the mountains or something and took these home. I can't remember their names either lulul. Will edit for their actual names later, I just know that it's rare or some shit. /edit: name is 鯝魚(苦花) (V. alticorpus?) SUGAR CANE. I MISS THIS SHIT LIKE CRAZY. You bite it and suck all the juice out then spite out the shit you can't eat.