College Station: Military Vehicle Preservation Association

On Saturday morning, I rode on a Vietnam War jeep to College Station for the military vehicle preservation association meet with Gabby and her dad who owns the jeep. Travel time was roughly 2 hours since the maximum speed is 55 mph for the jeep. It was a fun ride, cold but very worth the experience. I was wearing a leather jacket with poncho on top and a ski mask complete with large sunglasses. We got there and looked around while we wait until 2PM for the WWII reenactment. The US soldiers were carrying m1 garand and thompson m1a1, oh, they were so beautiful. The Germans carried the k98 and mp40. It was a huge Day of Defeat: Source moment for me, there was even a p38 pistol! I was a happy camper. The jeep to the right with the guy standing, that's supposed to be General Patton. The hot ride. Rode this bad boy for 4 hours, everytime I almost fell asleep I'd get scared awake because I was afraid I'd fall off of it. The guy to the right is wearing an Union uniform from the Civil War, it was pretty amazing. Before the reenactment. Vehicles all lining up. Tanks! These tanks were louddddd. See video below. Infantry unit. THOMPSONNNNNN. I want one, it's so pretty.