Taiwan: Okonomiyaki!

Went to eat okonomiyaki today with cousins! I've never had it before, it's delightfully amusing to watch them make it, but at the time my tummy was growling since I was so hungry. Okonomiyaki is like a pan-fried batter thing with a lot of different ingredients. Ours had beef, pork, cabbage, noodles, eggs, and some other things. Add mayonnaise, sea weed, dried fishy thingy on top it goes yummy-tastic. This looks kind of gross, it doesn't taste as great as the ones above but... it's alright. One more week left in Taiwan! There's still much to buy and to do. Planning to buy candy for some people, piano sheets for myself to practice. To eat: fruit sticks with coated sugar, takoyaki, cotton candy. To do: water amusement park <3

I Went Glamour Shots

Woke up early today to take some pretty pictures. My styling lady put a crapload of make up on me and even two layers of fake eyelashes. I like my styling lady, she made me look amazingly stunning. LOL. But of course, everyone looks good after crapload of makeup. >.> But she made my hair really cute hair too, it wasn't until after the shoot that I found out she's the most experienced lady there. The whole shoot took from 8AM till 3PM in the afternoon, with maybe 30 minutes for lunch break. The make up and hair took up most of the time, the photoshoot itself for each set doesn't take more than 30 minutes.  I wore 4 dresses, 1 kimono, and my own clothes.  The dresses that I picked out from last time, after today, I realized how fat they made me look.  I know, I know, you guys hate it when I say that but like, it just looks chubbier. *sadface* And the kimono is hideous, only my own clothes is quite adorable. ASIAN POSE. Everytime Taiwanese take pictures they make their hand like that, I have no idea why.  My own set of clothessss, nananana, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I R ADORABLE. <3  I took some shots with a HUGE inflatable football (soccerball) in this outfit, and I think the pictures will turn out cute, I cannot wait. :D Then we went to eat dinner, at a Japanese steakhouse ish restaurant. FOOD PLEASE. AND LOOK. I GOT A HALO ON ME HEAD. *angels* Toothpick on top of my lashes. lulz. Seafood fruit salad. Yumz. Foooooooood. FOOD IS HEREEE. *HALOS* I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE FINISHED PICTURES. <3 //edit: the pictures are now here