Pics. Some Old Street. Night market.

Went to some hotass place today. There's like an old street type, which is what Taiwan's streets used to look like or whatnot. Now they just sell really traditional toys, candy, food, etc. It's a good place to bring foreigners too, to understand Taiwan's ol' tradition. Going to nightmarket to buy food, didn't go in though. Night market is like a place where there's a bunch of fun and games, food, and where people sell cheapish things. When I go into nightmarket next time I'll take more pics.

Pics: Food. And. Culture?

Dog named Youichi, named after my Japanese cousin. He's quite adorable and can be extremely hyper, and he stinks. Note to self: give him a bath tomorrow. Strolling down the street in motor scooter, nah, I'm sitting at the back, that's how I took the picture. It's the main transportation in Taiwan, besides car, it's smaller and more convenient. The air pollution in Taiwan is terrible though, if you were to be out for couple of hours down the main streets or whatnot then wipe your face with make up remover wipes, it'd be black. I have to scrub my face like crazy. Ahh. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast. Last time I was back I had this almost everyday for a month and a half. It's like. erm. noodles and it comes with carrots and cucumbers and some special sauce to make it extra tasty. Tada, final product. Auntie's doggy, her name would be elephant if I translate it from Mandarin. She's named after me, lawl, yeah, that was my nickname when I was little since I'm usually bigger than people my age :( She's adorable. <3 Much like whoever she's named after. :P Temple! Taiwanese are very superstitious, I think religious may be a better word for temples. On the first and fifteenth of every month we have to go to the temple to give thanks. People bring fresh fruits and food as a gift for the Gods, I don't even know how to explain it, it's so complicated. I'm sure we're just a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism , somehow it just happened. That's the god who controls over land, well, guardian of the land seems more appropriate. The white thing is shaved ice. On the bottom is red beans, green beans and chewie stuff, it's yummy and quite orgasmic. I wish I have better explaination of what these things are. :P CREAM PUFFS. They are HUGE and creamy. On a side note, wireless net seems to be very popular in Taiwan, when I was on the third floor in my room, I connect to an unsecured net. And down in the second floor, I got another unsecured net, it's quite nice, though illegal. Teeeheeee.