Clovelly – Sightseeing in England!

I never posted these pictures on here, and I figured I should since it's such a beautiful village. I went to Clovelly around Christmas time where it was cold and wet but I hear it's extremely lovely during summer time. Clovelly is a steep cobble-stoned village where they don't allow cars on the main road. It was off season when I visited, obviously since it's cold, so a lot of the shops/craft workshops/galleries were not open. Apparently there usually are donkeys transporting goods but we didn't see any of them. Here's the village's website if you want more information.

Kitty cat!

They transport their goods in a sled, it's adorable.

CREAM TEA! One of the best thing in England (well, Devon?) Clotted cream + jam on scone.

Berlin Zine!

It was suggested to me that I dip my hands into books with less planning and something quick like a zine, but being an extremely uptight person that I am, I just couldn't completely let myself do that. I've decided to use the photos that I have taken during my short trip to Berlin at the end of January to make a 'quick' book, so this was my take on a 'zine' that is really a double sewn accordion. These are my many artist's proofs, due to the printshop's mix up, I got the wrong sized papers so I made a mini one at first but the actual size is the one on the left. One side of the book is the general touristy Berlin stuff and the other side is more focused on their street art. These will be available shortly (probably won't be available for a while because I have to handcut, glue and sew them) in an edition of 10. Prices have yet to be determined. Also I'll be going to the Leeds art book fair on March 9th. I made an one-off Chinese character book just to bring with me to put on the table and nothing else, but hopefully I'll have more things by the time the Bristol art book fair comes around. I'll at the UCLAN's Drawing and Image Making table, they have kindly allowed me to tag along with them.