Chrome Theme: Chopper

First time creating a Chrome theme, went a little bit crazily pink with the color, I figured you can't think about Chopper without his pink hat, therefore, pink but the image is of him two years later so I made a blue one as well. The image is from One Piece's 15th opening with some slight colors modifications from me. The theme is free for download in the links below. I made the theme for myself so the best resolution for the theme is 1366x768 or lower. I'll look into making larger ones in the future. Download pink version here or from ThemeBeta. Download blue version here or from ThemeBeta.

Making Christmas Cards

It's not too early to make Christmas cards right? I just wanted to make simple cards and to utilize our letterpress. We have an old school letter press at our studio where the graphics department threw out and the printmaking department salvaged it. All the letters are scattered and disorganized, so it took me 20 minutes to find all the alphabets to 'Merry Christmas'. I soaked some Fabriano Rosapino and laid delicate paper on top and ran it through the etching press to bind the paper together and dried under weight. Then lightly wet the paper again to run it through the letter press. Cutting the excess paper off. The texture doesn't show up well in the picture.
When I'm about to fold it, I realized I printed it upside down, hahahaha.
Oh well. Vertical card it is.

Lazy Picture Post! October and November

October 14, 2009. Muse and U2 concert. October 17, 2009. Dynamos vs LA Galaxy. I have to be honest, I went to this game for the sole purpose of seeing Beckham, lul. But I supported our Houston Dynamos none the last because we are awesome! :) I'm sure you can see my bias in the number of photos I had taken of Beckham. October 30 - November 1. Oni-Con! Oni-con was... special. I saw some really great cosplays and many bad ones.

College Station: Military Vehicle Preservation Association

On Saturday morning, I rode on a Vietnam War jeep to College Station for the military vehicle preservation association meet with Gabby and her dad who owns the jeep. Travel time was roughly 2 hours since the maximum speed is 55 mph for the jeep. It was a fun ride, cold but very worth the experience. I was wearing a leather jacket with poncho on top and a ski mask complete with large sunglasses. We got there and looked around while we wait until 2PM for the WWII reenactment. The US soldiers were carrying m1 garand and thompson m1a1, oh, they were so beautiful. The Germans carried the k98 and mp40. It was a huge Day of Defeat: Source moment for me, there was even a p38 pistol! I was a happy camper. The jeep to the right with the guy standing, that's supposed to be General Patton. The hot ride. Rode this bad boy for 4 hours, everytime I almost fell asleep I'd get scared awake because I was afraid I'd fall off of it. The guy to the right is wearing an Union uniform from the Civil War, it was pretty amazing. Before the reenactment. Vehicles all lining up. Tanks! These tanks were louddddd. See video below. Infantry unit. THOMPSONNNNNN. I want one, it's so pretty.