Taiwan: One Piece Exhibit

People picking tea leaves. 7-Eleven's mascot: OPEN now at 小人國 One Piece! Everyone's flags. 九族文化村 3D 30 minute film. I kept thinking the seats would move, but no, it's just 3d. Lots of flags. Going Merry! Wanted Posters. Behind the anime. QQ ACE Mini Merry II. The leg on the barrel scene. NAKAMA! Mr. 2. "WHERE IS ACE?" Ace jail scene. Thousand Sunny~ NAKAMA~ Super cute~ One Piece X Dragon Ball Z. Chopper and Gohan. Father and son. Cute~ I want all of these, even if they're the "good" guys. Chopperman store! Everything in there is expensive and they ran out of Chopper hat... They have aerial life in the amusement park that can connect to Sun Moon Lake. Every one on Luffy's ship has a face on it. Super high and steep.

Taiwan: 明池 + 漁人碼頭

艾草粄 a Hakka style dumpling? It tastes sweet and chewy on the outside and usually it has salty mushroom, meat on the inside. Spicy sour chicken. --- 明池 Seven dwarves from Snow White. Black swan. Fish swims on the wooden deck. 馬告生態公園 where they have at least 50 trees that are 1000+ years old. Each tree is named after a person of that time it started growing. Tree named 顏真卿, I took a picture of it because I've practiced his Chinese calligraphy. Plant that looks like a snake. They call this the 'Man Tree' because it looks like an erect penis. Foooood. 漁人碼頭's Fullon Hotel. It's beautiful at night. The hotel is suppose to look like a ship.

Taiwan: untitled 1

Chicken. Sweet and sour and spicy salad. Big dumplings? 湯圓 Went to a creek to play in the water but it was more like walking in shallow water for me, since I was carrying my dslr... then I fail and sat on my fat ass with my camera bag on my back... -___- Kids were climbing on the rope to get on the rocks so they can dive in the water, which is kind of scary... We were learning how to skip stones. Fruit tea. Cute waffles. They tasted okay. Myrica rubra, or yangmei (楊梅). More sour than sweet but they're really cute to look at. Rabbit running around. That night for dinner, we ate instant noodles. I also got a big bottle of Taiwan beer, it's good. It looks very light but it's actually got a very strong bitter taste for a light looking beer. Home grown vegetables. Someone's garden. Endless stairs that we climbed through to get to nowhere. Caterpillar. Crapload of food for lunch! --- Went to a hot pot place for dinner, it's quite nice and not too expensive. (聚~ 北海道昆布鍋) <- there are chained restaurants located in many cities across Taiwan. It's a type of Japanese kombu(seaweed) hotpot. [singlepic id=702 w=650] Basic utensils and sauces. [singlepic id=703 w=650] Appetizer for the more expensive meal. [singlepic id=704 w=650] Two different soup base. Spicy kombu pot (left), milk kombu pot (right). [singlepic id=705 w=650] Basic vegetables for everyone. [singlepic id=706 w=650] Pot filled with vegetables. [singlepic id=707 w=434] Beef plate. [singlepic id=708 w=650] Seafood plate. [singlepic id=709 w=434] Cooking the raw beef. [singlepic id=710 w=434] In the middle of the meal, they'll bring in icey vinegar to increase your appetite. [singlepic id=711 w=434] Three bags of fish batter, you squeeze it in the pot to make fish noodles. I thought it was fun, but it didn't taste very good. [singlepic id=714 w=434] Making fish noodles. It looks like poo, doesn't it? [singlepic id=715 w=434] Fish noodles in my bowl. [singlepic id=712 w=434] More fish batter, make your own fish balls. [singlepic id=713 w=434] Some kind of fish thing. [singlepic id=716 w=650] Milk icecream with mesona chinensis (仙草) [singlepic id=717 w=650] Bean soup with longan. [singlepic id=718 w=650] Orange yogurt. [singlepic id=719 w=434] Red bean with green tea pudding. --- [singlepic id=720 w=650] Fried squid balls. [singlepic id=721 w=650] Fresh sashimi! [singlepic id=722 w=650] Fried squid balls and fried oysters. [singlepic id=723 w=650] Oyster omelette. Yumm! [singlepic id=724 w=650] Everyone eating oyster omelette. [singlepic id=725 w=650] The process of cooking oyster omelette, oysters, eggs and flour. Doesn't look very good but it tastes delicious. [singlepic id=726 w=650] The harbor and shit. [singlepic id=727 w=650] [singlepic id=730 w=650] Corn. [singlepic id=731 w=650] Daisies. [singlepic id=732 w=650] [singlepic id=733 w=650] Big cucumber. [singlepic id=734 w=650] Small cucumber. --- KFC in Asia area has these Portuguese eggtart, holy mother of god they are so delicious. I always eat like a box whenever I come back to Taiwan. [singlepic id=735 w=650] These are their new flavors, two different ones, I just think they're way too sweet but delicious, nonetheless. [singlepic id=736 w=650] These are the original flavor, my favorite.