Clovelly – Sightseeing in England!

I never posted these pictures on here, and I figured I should since it's such a beautiful village. I went to Clovelly around Christmas time where it was cold and wet but I hear it's extremely lovely during summer time. Clovelly is a steep cobble-stoned village where they don't allow cars on the main road. It was off season when I visited, obviously since it's cold, so a lot of the shops/craft workshops/galleries were not open. Apparently there usually are donkeys transporting goods but we didn't see any of them. Here's the village's website if you want more information.

Kitty cat!

They transport their goods in a sled, it's adorable.

CREAM TEA! One of the best thing in England (well, Devon?) Clotted cream + jam on scone.

Work in Progress: Cut Paper Dragon

year of the dragon will soon be over Not sure what I want to do with this but it's been sitting there for a while and staring at me on the wall. I do quite like the shadow being cast from the cut paper to the etching underneath. -- -- -- Random snapshots: Bought some RGM lino tools and $0.99 customized Portal 2 bag.
Also English ales are delicious. I can put up with all the rain in the country for couple casks of their ales.

Post-grad England Adventures!

Since the last time I've updated my blog, the site looked slightly different and I was still in America. I moved to England at the end of August this year to pursue a MA degree in Fine Art, so now I'm currently in Preston, England enjoying the rainy and cold weather that is Preston. Here are some pictures of the printmaking studios that I am lucky enough to work in every day. The etching and relief print area. Old Columbia press. Big etching press. Lithography area. -- Some things I'm working on: Because apparently England is big on health and safety, their etching processes no longer use the harmful chemicals such as turpentine or mineral spirits. So I basically have to relearn all the process of etching. This one is sugar lift without the sugar. Using liquid latex glue to draw on the zinc plate then liquid acrylics hardground on top. After it dries, you just peel the glue off and go ahead with aquatinting, which is airbrush acrylics on to the plate. Different kind of soft ground, also using acrylics. It's a relief based ink and you can alter it with distilled water to achieve a watery-like texture, as well as pressing textures onto the plate. Also learning lithography while I'm here, they have 3 lithography offset presses and one can print directly onto stone. Kind of wish I could have taken lithography back at University of Houston but it's better to learn late than never. I just love the way images look on stone, I can't wait to pull my first print off of this. This is done with acetone transfer onto stone then lithographic ink and pencils. England is pretty cool.