Recycled Packing Paper Sketchbook with Used Jeans Cover

That's a long title, but it's descriptive. I've always saved the Amazon packaging for some reason, thinking 'oh, I can use these when I ship things' which is never. The quality of the paper is poor but I am in need of some kind of a journal/sketchbook for a project that I am doing. All the nicer journals are at least £5, I don't have that kind of a money! So I decided to sew a journal of questionable quality that I can use and won't be too precious about. Tore the packing paper and folded them in half. Really wrinkly but that's part of the charm. Old mountboard that looks gross and a cut of husband's old pair of jeans. Sewn with unsupported link stitch. Gluing the boards on the jeans very roughly, look at those awful jagged lines. I did use mull cloth for spine reinforcement. Again very lazily put together, could do with more card support but not precious about this. Not even end paper! Just straight up dirty gluing it. Finished! With jean ribbons! The worn seam line gives it character... Wrinkles.